What is GIFFT ?

GIFFT is a perfect tool for managing trouble tickets within a project over the intranet.

The tool is easily configurable and evolutive.

Each member of the project can connect to the Web server using a browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) to

  • get the list and the description of the selected trouble tickets using a set of criterias (for example the list of trouble tickets that are assigned to him)
  • modify the description of a trouble ticket
  • add an analysis to trouble tickets
  • indicate that he corrected to verified a problem

The members of a project are notified automatically by e-mail when changes take place on trouble tickets that are assigned to them.

The project manager or the manager of the trouble tickets also uses this interface to :

  • visualize the status of trouble tickets
  • assign new trouble tickets
  • follow-up the progress of corrections through statistics
  • follow-up the progress of important problems to re-assign it to the right people